3D Tour of payette brewing

Guide yourself through our Tap Room and brewery through the link above! In the bottom left corner, you can click "Explore 3D Space" to guide yourself through the facility. Click "View Dollhouse" to view the floor plan. Experience Payette Brewing as if you were there in person!



We moved into our second brewing facility in June of 2016, just a few miles away from our original brewery in Garden City, ID. The expansion has allowed our capacity to grow and create more opportunities for one-off and specialty beers. The new facility utilizes a sixty-barrel brewing system, 240-barrel fermenters, brite tanks and a canning line. Features of the brewery include a centrifuge and our new toy, a hop cannon!



We package our beer on a twelve-head rotary canning line capable of filling forty cans per minute. Features of the line include a date coder that prints the "packaged on" date on the bottom of the cans and fill level inspector to ensure that only properly filled cans go to market. Our cartoner is capable of putting the cans in both twelve and twenty-four pack boxes. 


It starts with our ingredients. We source all of our raw materials from suppliers as close to home as possible providing the highest quality. Our brewers are incredibly knowledgable and withhold proper techniques to make sure the entire brewing process is done flawlessly, with their unique flair. 

In 2015, we hired Ryan Atagi to lead our Quality Control Program at Payette Brewing. With his extensive experience and love of craft beer, he has been an incredible addition to our team assuring the product that leaves our doors is the absolute highest quality. He works closely with the brewers and production team to implement Quality Procedures to ensure our beers are the best they can be and consistent.

"I am very passionate about this craft, and I understand our role as a brewery and its desire to uphold a high level of quality so our customers will continue to enjoy our beer. I also understand that we, with the other awesome breweries in Idaho, can help put our state on the map to be a place that makes amazing beer and lead the way for Idaho’s beer scene future."
Ryan Atagi, Payette Brewing Quality Control Manager