Summer is in full swing, and whitewater rafting is one of our favorite summer pastimes here in Idaho. Lucky for us, we get to team up with OARS Rafting Vacations each year for a four day craft beer trip on the Lower Salmon River.


In July, Payette Sales Rep, Taylor Steele and Brewer, Nina Schoofs teamed up with Chef Eric of Bittercreek Alehouse to create a curated experience involving unique three course dinners paired with Payette brews each night, all served on the lush and remote beaches of the Lower Salmon River in beautiful Idaho. Between 73 river miles, 31 guests, 450 cans of beer, 2 pony kegs, and an array of mouthwatering menus, there was no shortage of fun on this whitewater adventure.


Embarking on our first ever overnight rafting trip, Nina and I were thrilled to escape the buzz of the city and sleep under the stars each night. With multiple boats to choose from, guests were able to switch up their rafting experience each day. Whether you preferred to lounge in an oar raft, cruise over rapids in a dory, jump in the action in a paddle boat, or cool off in an inflatable kayak, OARS provided a different opportunity for everyone.


Rich in views and in history, Idaho’s Lower Salmon River is home to pristine beaches, class II-IV whitewater, and one of the deepest canyons in the US, most of which are seldom seen by most. Due in part to the fact that much of the Lower Salmon’s run between White Bird and its confluence with the Snake River is roadless and only accessible by boat.


“It was exciting to be able to educate people about the brewing process as well as the unique details about Payette beer throughout the trip. From home brewers to people just getting into craft beer, everyone was curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a brewery and what a day in the life of a brewer looks like (when they aren’t out rafting with an incredible group of people.) Hands down, one of the best aspects of being a brewer is being able to share with others what you have worked so hard to create.”

Nina Schoofs, Payette Brewing Brewer