Meet one of Payette’s Newest Crew Members

Staff Feature: Nick Chambers

If you’ve visited our Tap Room in the last few months, you may have noticed a new member of the brew crew. With a name (and a mustache) straight out of an action movie and some noticeable coloring book-esque tattoos occupying most of his limbs, manager Nick Chambers has spent the last few months observing and refining the way we operate our Tap Room.


Coming to us from the relatively unknown state of California, Nick is a seasoned veteran in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Originating in Orange County, Nick started at his first restaurant as a host and over the last 20 or so years, has occupied every front of house position leading up to and including General Manager. After putting in the the kind of work that we know the service industry demands, and successfully managing several bars and restaurants all over Southern California, he decided it was time for a change of pace for himself and his young family.

While most, if not all of Nick’s experience was in the food service industry, it was his desire to work in an unfamiliar but more relaxed atmosphere that drove him to accept the offer to be Payette’s next Tap Room Manager. Have a 5 minute conversation with this guy and you’ll instantly see why. His personality and upbeat attitude towards service really lends itself to the craft beer industry and the innovative direction that breweries and Tap Rooms are headed in.


In a very short amount of time, he has succeeded in refining several aspects of how we run our Tap Room; streamlining operations, fixing kinks in the service, maximizing profits, and minimizing drama. He really enjoys collaborating with other employees to gauge what we would like to see done in terms of Tap Room and beer garden operation. Nick is a valuable member of our brew crew that has no problem lending a hand to any one of us in need, whether in the Tap Room, Production, Sales, or Marketing. Just don’t ask him to pose seriously for photos!


Like the majority of us transplants, Nick and his family have adjusted nicely to life in Boise, enjoying the mellow hometown atmosphere and the proximity to the outdoors and most importantly, the Boise River. Having only visited Boise once before, it was seemingly worth the risk to uproot his family in search of a more relaxed and purpose-driven life. Without the distractions of living in a large metropolitan area like Southern California, Nick has had plenty of time to pursue his hobbies, including but not limited to; singing along to both Shakira and Good Charlotte as loudly and awkwardly as possible, playing the harmonica, shooting his guns, and hanging out with his incredibly cute and energetic little girl.


Anyone at Payette will tell you that Nick has been a pleasure to work with and adding him as a member of the brew crew has been a great decision. Many more #adventureswithpayette lie ahead!