What did we learn this weekend?


1.      Never let Jordan navigate.

2.      The passenger with car sickness always rides shotgun.

3.      Hot springs are always worth a two-hour drive.


Being a new(ish) resident to Idaho, I am constantly trying to soak up all that Idaho, in particular Boise, has to offer. Working at Payette Brewing, a company whose values highlight adventure, has pushed me to take advantage of all the possible adventures around me. At Payette, we believe that making beer is a labor of true love and we work hard to achieve this. It’s the after hours skiing, hiking, camping and kayaking that recharge and inspire us.


Last Saturday as the rain came down in Boise, the snow was falling in clumps rather than flakes out in Lowman at the Kirkham Hot Springs. (Shoutout to Visit Idaho for the recommendation!) Some of my closest friends and I loaded up the Grizzly cooler with Payette brews and headed off to our Saturday morning adventure. That is, after a few wrong turns from co-pilot and navigator Jordan. He was quickly demoted.


As Queen, John Denver and Lenny Kravitz blasted through the speakers, we made our way closer and closer to our Saturday adventure.


Two hours later we arrived at this snowy paradise. It was my first time coming to hot springs in the winter; I’ve only “hot springed” along the river while rafting in the blaring Idaho heat that is summer. Its quite a different scene in the winter with flakes as large as your eyeballs falling on top of your head while you soak in the clearest 105 degree puddle that you’ve even sat in. We soaked. We talked. We sipped on Payette. Some of us even braved the frigid river (I was certainly not one of those someones).

After our skin was boiled and we crushed through the last of the beer and City Peanut snacks that we brought along with us, we headed back to Boise. I’ve only ever driven the roads through Crouch leading to Highway 55 through Horseshoe Bend and back to Boise in the summer, so as a snow bunny and winter lover, my eyes were very pleased to see these roads and foothills covered in snow.


I’m forever grateful to Idaho for all the adventures that it provides to me. I’m equally as grateful for all of my wonderful friends that accompany me on all my adventures, even though I might only qualify for an invitation because I work at a brewery…so thanks to Payette, too!


Written by Madeleine Pier, Marketing Coordinator


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