When it comes to making uncompromising, awesome beer, we go against the grain. We are passionate, rebellious, beer pioneers. We stick to our guns and venture down the road less traveled to make the best beer in the west. This isn't just our livelihood, it's our life and we've tapped into something good.



To share our passion for beer, life and all things off the beaten path.


To continually brew awesome beers while building a culture that connects, educates, makes a difference and champions the craft brew industry to our consumers, community and partners.



We’re here for the beer. It all starts with quality and consistency in our process and products.


We have a responsibility to our local community. We support our roots. Payette Forward allows us to give back through community organizations and events.


Making beer is a labor of true love and we work harder than anyone. But it’s the after hours skiing, hiking, camping and kayaking that recharge and inspire us.


We are advocates and authorities in the craft brew industry and we look to promote it and educate others whenever possible.


We believe in sustaining partnerships with suppliers, vendors and organizations that share our values.


Learn about our production facility  here.


Beer Pioneer

Mike Francis left corporate life as an industrial engineer at Boeing Company in Seattle to engineer some industry of his own. After receiving an Associate's Degree in Brewing Technology from Chicago's Siebel Institute of Technology, followed by a stint at Schooner Exact Brewing in Seattle, Mike headed to his home turf of Boise in 2010 to establish Payette Brewing Company.

Living Up To Our Name

We chose the name Payette because it fits the way we live and work. François Payette was a French Canadian trapper whose name and memory is enshrined among numerous Idaho landmarks. The name has since become synonymous with an adventurous spirit that pervades Idaho's year-round outdoor lifestyle.

North Fork Payette River - Rainbow Bridge.jpg