Our Tap Room will be closed to the public Saturday, August 4th all day for an exciting occasion! Payette Founder and Owner and Payette Marketing Director are tying the knot! Their love story started over a beer at the brewery 5 years ago, so having their wedding celebration right where it all began only makes sense. We will be open with regular hours on Friday then back open on Sunday. Thank you for your understanding! If you're curious to know more about Paige and Mike's story, follow along:


It all started over a beer on February 19, 2013.

Paige was studying Graphic Design at Boise State University at that time. Mike was the man behind Payette, the local brewery Paige greatly admired. She emailed Mike to see if he would be willing to meet with her because she was a passionate home brewer and wanted to learn more about the craft beer industry. Something about her email made him say yes.

Without knowing anything about each other, they ended up talking over several beers and realized they had more in common than just beer and instantly hit it off. Paige told Mike she wanted to use her Graphic Design skills in the beer industry after graduation and was willing to sweep floors to get her foot in the door of a brewery.

A few months after their initial meeting, Mike contacted Paige to let her know a part-time beertender job was available in the Payette Tap Room and hired her. She started doing small Graphic Design projects for the brewery, which eventually led to a full-time position in the office. Their love of all things beer led them to one place.

After two years of working together and "trying" to ignore the fact that they had obvious feelings for one another, they gave in. When they told their coworkers they were dating, they got one of two reactions: The first was “We thought you were already dating.” And the second was “Duh. What took you guys so long?”

Now five years later, Mike and Paige enjoy endless adventures together, which usually involve the outdoors, their dogs, and beer. Who knew that a couple of beers together five years ago would lead to a lifetime of beers together?


We'll raise a glass this Saturday for Mike and Paige and appreciate your understanding about the brewery closure. #startedwithabeer #adventureswithpayette