986 Imperial IPA » The start of a new era for Idaho. 986 commemorates the newly inserted area code in the state of Idaho. Even when things change, good beer doesn't. 

We're releasing 986 Imperial IPA on Flag Day! This beer, brewed in Idaho with all Idaho grown ingredients. 986 was designed with the Idaho flag in mind -- the colors are inspired from the state's flag and the words "Esto Perpetua" can be found on the can. A beer brewed in Idaho for Idaho. 

Come down to enjoy 986 on draft and head home with a 4-pack of these BRAND NEW cans! We are so excited to be adding this beer to our year-round AND packaged line up. 

We didn’t just wait for a stroke of serendipity to happen; We made our own luck. Through the integration of cutting-edge techniques and curiously exceptional ingredients, we arrived at this amusing IPA. 986 commemorates the newly instated area code in the state of Idaho. This imperial IPA has incredible aroma and flavors that play on each other perfectly. The nose is filled with melon and rose petal and the flavor is resinous with a hoppy bitterness. Even when things change, good beer doesn’t.
ABV: 9% // IBU: 86

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