Featured Non Profit » Adaptive Winter Sports of McCall

Kegs 4 Kause is a unique, recurring event created by Payette Brewing as a means to give back the community. We love to feature those that work hard to make an impact in our community, and donate to their unique efforts in making Idaho a better place.

Every Monday evening, 50% of proceeds from beer sales in the Tap Room are donated to a featured Idaho non-profit. We encourage all selected non-profits to make the most of it by inviting friends, family and promoting their night in the community.

AWeSOMe: The purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities through sports and recreational activities. Our vision is to continue to grow the program to be self-sustaining with sufficient volunteer staff and Board of Directors (BOD) to provide excellent recreational opportunities to participants at affordable prices with adequate funds to maintain a fleet of up-to-date adaptive ski equipment and support program operations.