We're bringing all six Hoop & Stave bottles out of the Payette Brewing cellar for this special event! Join us for a Hoop & Stave vertical tasting: Vertical flights for $5 and limited availability of vintage bottles for sale. Get all six bottles for $50!

Hoop & Stave Series >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hoop & Stave No. 1 // Red Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Style Ale
Hoop & Stave No. 2 // Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Style Ale
Hoop & Stave No. 3 // Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Ale with Cherries
Hoop & Stave No. 4 // Red Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale
Hoop & Stave No. 5 // Whiskey Barrel Aged Doppelbock
Hoop & Stave No. 6 // Red Wine Barrel Aged Saison Belgian Stlye Ale

Our Hoop & Stave aging process combines the craftsmanship of beer and barrel to extract and fuse the two into a distinctly handcrafted experience of subtle complexities and pure pleasure. The name derives from the metal hoops and wooden staves from which the barrels are constructed. Each barrel style is thoughtfully chosen for each brew.