Payette Forward

We love to help out the community when and where we can. That being said, it would be impossible to participate in every opportunity so we review requests carefully. If you are seeking a donation, you must have a current 501c3 tax exempt status and be located within the Treasure Valley.

  • Get Hooked Up Beer Donations

    Payette Forward

    Need beer or swag for an upcoming event? Fill out a request form at least 30 days prior to your event and let us know what you need, when you need it, and how it will help your organization.

  • Mondays at the Tap Room Kegs4Kause


    Kegs4Kause is a unique, recurring event created by Payette Brewing as a means to give back the community. Every Monday evening, 50% of proceeds from beer sales will be donated to a featured non-profit.

  • Beer for Good, On Tap Payette Forward

    Payette Forward IPA

    Payette Forward IPA will be brewed by Payette Brewing and is put on tap mid-December each year. 100% of proceeds from sales of this IPA will be donated to a selected Idaho non-profit.

Payette Forward Terms

  1. Must be 501(c)3 and able to provide documentation.
  2. We prefer not to give to religious or political organizations (we don’t want to pick sides!) *Exceptions are made for those who are supporting other causes (such as a food bank or encouraging people to vote).
  3. We prefer not to give to organizations or events that involve children. We generally feel it is irresponsible for us to be involved (we make alcohol!). We have a responsibility to market our company and products to those who are of age. Kegs4Kause is an exception because it takes place in our tasting room where we can control the environment and how we are presented.
  4. We do not sponsor community sports teams (like softball). There are simply too many!
  5. We do not offer financial contributions (we give weekly through the brewery during Kegs4Kause)
  6. If you are asking for product as a donation to serve at your event (to sell or give away, doesn’t matter), you must secure a non-profit permit from the Alcohol Beverage Control. Payette Brewing requires a copy of the approved permit. Permits must be submitted to ABC at least 14 days in advance of the event. Download Application Form.
  7. All donations must be picked up at the brewery during regular business hours. Legally, we cannot deliver or give zero-out invoices to our beer accounts. We request you sign a waiver when picking up beer.