An incredible twist to our annual release, Twelve Gauge. This variant gets the same barrel treatment, aging inside bourbon staves for a 6-12 month slumber where it acquires flavors of vanilla, oak and hints of whiskey to complement the chocolate and toffee notes. The addition of cocao nibs, chili and cinnamon give it a subtle and intriguing profile of Mexican Chocolate with a sweet base balanced by mild spice and heat. 

please note: this variant was part of our 2018 release. in 2019, there will be a new and exciting twelve gauge variant. stay tuned!

ABV: 10%

IBU: 23

Hops: Bravo

Malts: Black Barley, Chocolate, Crystal, Flaked Barley, Munich, Pale, Roasted Barley

Other: Cocao Nibs, Chili, Cinnamon

Glassware: Snifter