Payette Brewing Gelande Quaffing would not be successful without the generosity of our sponsors!

As a sponsor, you receive exposure via social media and the Payette Brewing website, brand recognition, shout outs from our MCs, the ability to set up a booth during our events to promote your brand and sell or giveaway swag and more! You will have the opportunity to partner not only with Payette Brewing but also with the local establishment hosting Gelande Quaffing as well as other brands and sponsors. As a sponsor, your logo would be added to Payette Brewing's website and on all Gelande Quaffing posters distributed around Boise.

Payette Brewing Gelande Quaffing pulls in around 64 participants and 300 - 500 attendees per event.

There are three levels of sponsorship for Payette Brewing Gelande Quaffing. As a sponsor, we would love for you to provide and prizes for teams! Please note: There are four members per team, so we would love if you could donate the same prize for all four members.

Below are the three levels of sponsorship: 

BRONZE Sponsorship

  • Provide prizes for Third Place teams
  • Giveaways ranging from items such as koozies, wallets, stickers, etc.
  • Approximately $20 Value

Silver Sponsorship

  • Provide prizes for Second Place teams
  • Giveaways ranging from apparel, concert tickets, gift cards, etc.
  • $20 - $50 Value

Gold Sponsorship

  • Provide prizes for First Place teams
  • Giveaways ranging from lift tickets, winter gear, sunglasses, ski goggles, etc.
  • Large ticket items
  • $50 and upwards value


Sponsorship Deadline

Ten days prior to Gelande Quaffing event.



In addition to local bars and restaurants.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and providing prizes for our winning teams, please contact Carlos DeSousa ( or Madeleine Pier (