Payette Brewing Gelande Quaffing is returning for a summer event! Bigger and better than ever - come thirsty and ready to compete or watch one of the best drinking competitions ever... a Payette Brewing tradition, now taking place at Lager than Life!

New to Gelande Quaffing? Legend has it the sport of Gelande Quaffing began when skiers, bending an elbow, watched as a mug of beer sent sliding down the bar fell off the edge - where it was plucked out of mid-air and chugged by a drinking game pioneer. Right then and there, a new sport was born.

If you're new to this sport, check out this video from Powder Magazine!

Saturday // July 7 // 3:00pm // During Lager than Life

» 16 teams of four
» Double elimination
» $40 per team
» Fee includes: BEER, MUG, FUN
» RAD PRIZES for winning teams
» Teams arrive at 2:30pm ready to quaff!



Here’s how the games go…

The first and most important rule, if you are watching or playing and you berate any of the judges, you will be asked to leave or disqualified.

The gist of the game: Two teams will play at the same time, side by side. Each game lasts for one minute.

Wants points? Here’s how you get them! Once the round starts, teams must slide their mug down the table with mugs filled to the appropriate fill line. You are playing with your team the entire round next to an opposing team. Two players start out at each end of the table. Player one slides one mug down to his or her teammate who must catch the beer, drink the beer and the TAP THAT MUG ON THE TABLE before the next mug can be launched to player two. If the next mug is thrown before the previous mug has been tapped on the table, that mug slide does not count. Drop your mug? No points for you. Catch the mug by the glass itself? Your team gets one point. Grab the mug by the handle? Congratulations – you get two points. Get creative when catching those mugs, judges might praise you with some style points!

If you break your mug, you must purchase something from the establishment hosting the event to get another one.

Judges will add up points at the end of each round to let you know who won. Remember its double elimination so even if you lose, you might get another shot!

In the case of a tie…drumroll please…we go into a QUAFF OFF! The two teams who tied will have ONE throw to impress the crowd. Judges are invalid at this point. Your goal is to get the crowd hyped and cheering loudly for you – they decide who moves on to the next round. If your team gets sent to a Quaff Off, you and your teammates will have one minute to delegate amongst yourselves to create a game plan. Our advice? Come prepared. Bring props. Once that minute is up, send over your team captain. The winner of rock, paper, scissors will decide who goes first. There are no limitations to this round as long as you are being safe! Your entire team can participate in this one throw. You can throw one mug, two mugs, even a pitcher! Get creative! You only have one shot!

After both teams have gone, the crowd cheers and the judges pick a winner based on the crowd’s liveliness. Again, no berating the judges.

And the game continues until we have a First, Second and Third place winner. One last note, during the championship round, games move from one minute to one minute and thirty seconds.

We can’t wait to see what you and your team have in store!

Throw the beer. Catch the beer. Drink the beer.