Every summer, we are the lucky beer providers for OARS Rafting Vacations here in Idaho. They take groups down several white water river stretches, where guests can experience the incredible outdoors on these multiple day excursions. While camping on the river bank with delicious food after a day on the river isn't enough, they offer Payette brews as the end-of-day refreshment. 


OARS offers Craft Beer and Food versions of these trips, where we were fortunate to join! Mike Francis, Payette CEO/Founder and Paige Coyle, Payette Marketing Director teamed up with Bittercreek Alehouse last July to create a unique experience involving four days of extensive craft beer pairings and amazing food, right on the river bank of the Lower Salmon. We provided plenty of Payette beer cans for guests (from all over the country) to enjoy as well as a couple kegs to tap. Bittercreek provided incredible three course meals. They even had homemade caramel ice cream they whipped up on the beach, served over a locally made snickerdoodle.


OARS describes it as this: "Why does beer taste so good after a day of whitewater rafting? We have no idea…In any case, we think you’ll agree that after an active day of adventure, enjoying hand-selected microbrews on the banks of a river is about as good as it gets. Featuring mouthwatering menus and craft-brewed lagers and ales, our Craft Beer Tasting trips are the beer lovers’ alternative to our regular departures. After each day of vigorous river rafting, hang out with new friends and sip a few ice cold beers beneath the stars while enjoying inspired culinary offerings prepared by a renowned local chef to complement and enhance the taste of each brew. Cheers to that!"

The Lower Salmon River in Idaho meanders warm, wide and mellow, making it a great rafting getaway for families and first-time rafters. Idaho’s Lower Salmon River is home to some of America’s most beautiful inland river beaches, super-sandy and sprawling alongside clear, mellow pools which are perfect for stand up paddleboarding and playing in inflatable kayaks. There’s no shortage of thrill seeking either. Some of Idaho’s most famous whitewater rapids, gorges and viewscapes—like Demons Drop, Snow Hole and Blue Canyon are just around the bend. The Lower Salmon River exhibits a side of Idaho seldom seen by most visitors. Distinguished from the forests and mountains that make up much of Idaho’s wilderness, this river runs through the warmer, drier canyon country of the Seven Devils. The Lower Salmon is also a veritable treasure chest of intriguing stories and relics from the past. Known human history dates back to a mind-boggling 10,000 years ago when the first humans inhabited the river canyon, leaving a wealth of Native American rock art.