Yesterday we celebrated New Beer’s Eve and today we celebrate National Beer Day. Although these are both considered “unofficial” holidays, they are both very important and exciting for fellow beer lovers. 

New Beer’s Eve is celebrated on April 6, the night before the day the sale of beer became legal again in the United States. On New Beer’s Eve in 1933, beer lovers lined up outside of taverns and bars waiting for the clock to strike midnight: Midnight would mark the first time that one could purchase beer legally in over thirteen years. 

National Beer Day is celebrated TODAY, April 7. On this day 84 years ago, drinking beer became legal again. We are forever thankful for this day. And as Roosevelt said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

Celebrate National Beer Day with your friends at Payette Brewing. Come down for a *newly tapped* Fly Line Vienna Lager, a refreshing Rustler IPA, or a hop-forward Eight Second Rye’d. 

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