In 2012, Payette Brewing Company created The League of Outlaws as a means to give back to the most dedicated Payette Brewing patrons. These individuals have proved to the brewery that they are an outlaw. 

The League of Outlaws is an annual membership within Payette Brewing that allows members to receive benefits, attend special events, and show their love and support for Payette Brewing Co.

TLO is an opportunity for 120 patrons to make Payette Brewing theirs. This membership invites its customers to become regulars, create new relationships with fellow TLO members and the Payette team, and to promote the experiences that they have onto others.


  • One time $50 membership fee
  • Limited spots


  • Monday 8/8 – Friday 8/26
  • Register at Payette Brewing Tap Room


  • League of Outlaws stainless steel pint
  • $1 off beer during regular tap room hours (excluding major events)
  • One complimentary beer at experimental beer release parties
  • Early access to Payette’s major events
  • Extensive brewery tour
  • Membership card


  • Initiation Party: Saturday 9/3/16
  • End of the Year Party:  Saturday 8/26/17